Attitudes Toward Age in the Workplace

A study by Natasha Searles - Honours Student
 Australian College of Applied Psychology

I am currently running a Psychology Honours Research Project, and am reaching out to see if you could complete an online survey.

A recent study found
1/3 of those aged 45 and over had experienced some form of age discrimination in the Australian workplace in the last
Old and young, workers of all ages, have reported age discrimination. Ageism has been called the third great ism of our society,
following racism and sexism.
With an ageing population, intergenerational harmony in the workplace is a major challenge in our country.

Your participation in this anonymous survey can have a significant impact on the workplace in Australia…but I need A LOT of participants, across  a WIDE RANGE of ages and workplace environments. Your help would be greatly appreciated!!

You can help by: 
1. Clicking on the link below and completing the questions 
2. Forwarding this to others

Just quickly:
1. The survey closes on the 1st September, 2019
2. It will take approx. 30 mins
3. You will need a physical keyboard! i.e. a desktop or laptop computer (no mobile devices). The 2nd half of the survey requires this functionality. 
     If you're reading this on a mobile device, please forward it to your computer!
4. Five participants will be randomly selected to receive a $50 shopping voucher

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am very appreciative of your time and involvement with this project.

Many thanks,

Natasha Searles  

CLICK here for survey: